A Warm Welcome. Are You Waking Up?

Do you look at the world and notice it’s not turning? The stars are where they were when you went to bed. With every mistake you must surely be learning? Yet who put all this rubbish inside your head?

Do you see a world spiralling out of control? Will technology save us and perfect our soul? Can man really save himself from his corrupt nature?

Can you see the total slavery state coming into view with endless hedonism there for you? When you search your heart for answers does it scare you witless too?

Do you know the official stories are all BS? Yet they crank them out every day – what a mess! Is another riot or protest going to solve anything?

What is one to do?  If you don’t get some truth under your feet you’ll be tossed like a cork on a roiling sea. A warm welcome. Are you waking up?