Holy Bible Readers Group

Did you ever attend church and look around and ask yourself: “What sense does this make?” Was it all too dogmatic? Were they just empty motions?

Did you join the rock and roll exodus to all things cosmic only to wind up lost? Are you tired of all the spiritualism that ultimately leads to delusion? Did you embrace the cynical statement “It’s all BS!” but find it no longer holds true?

Do you look at modern faith groups and see them more as cults or gangs? Have you had enough of evangelical mania?

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • Was there a Noah and was there a flood?
  • Is the Bible true history or just a collection of stories and myths?
  • If the Jews are God’s chosen people what does that make the Christians?
  • Have the churches ruined Christianity or did they ever really have it right?
  • If Jesus himself declared that he would be 3 whole days and nights in the earth, like Jonah in the whale, why do Christians celebrate Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, a scant 36 hours and only 2 nights for Easter?
  • Was Jesus really born on the 25th of December?

If you have ever asked such questions and yet haven’t found any decent answers; if you feel certain there are important issues to discuss and questions to get correct factual answers on; if with everything going on in the world today you have come to feel that Christ is being made a mockery of; if you see that people are so desperate and lost they are willing to believe just about anything; if you feel deep misgivings regarding many things in these times, perhaps Byron Bay Truth Seekers Holy Bible Truth Readers Group might be more your speed? After all it’s kind of hard to know anything about the Holy Bible if you don’t read it, and it’s even harder to flesh out understanding if you’ve got no one else to hang with and discuss what you are reading.

We are not a cult. We do not want your money. We do not have a church. We do not demand your devotion nor allegiance. We study the Bible in search of the Truth. We meet informally with no fixed schedule. We chat here on this blog.

Interested to find out more? Please leave a comment below.