SomewhereWelcome to Byron Bay, Aquarian town of trippers and seekers! What do they seek? Do they ever find? Does the “SOMEWHERE” bus actually go anywhere? Or does it just go round and round in circles, doing the loops and tours of all the sacred mystery one can handle; a lifetime worth of all things cosmic that keeps one searching until death? Do they ever get any answer? Will you get any answer? Or just lost with a handful of souvenirs to replace the old dusty ones?

Is the John Lennon song “Imagine” the answer? Was John Lennon a messiah and was Jesus actually just a story? Is “Imagine” really possible? If you’re doing all that good Byron tripped-out ‘hippy” stuff and find yourself listening to “Imagine” (or perhaps the song is already a regular mainstay of your world), and maybe you have to come to view the song as some kind of vision for the salvation of the world, could “Imagine” actually happen?”

Well let’s see. According to “Imagine” all that has to happen for universal peace and harmony is that everyone just throw out their history, race, creed, culture and faith and adopt a new vision (conveniently laid out in the song of course) and voila, a brotherhood of man! (BTW Was John Lennon on heavy drugs when he wrote the song? Did he actually write the song?) “Imagine” seems to this author the last desperate attempt by a deluded and perhaps well-meaning but utterly blasphemous individual to try and bring about some kind of instant heaven right here, right now on this earth. (How many drugs and how much constant brainwashing would it take to get the world population on such a page and staying on such a page?)

Given that every story ends in one of two possible endings a transcendental realisation or, a stage littered with corpses either everybody is going to “get it” or you can forget about it (it was a nice dream). So, is everybody going to “get it”? Is mankind going to save mankind from mankind? Given that the local council has considerable trouble getting the potholes fixed and avoiding corruption scandals just like any other level of government, our observation is, and we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no, mankind is not going to save mankind from mankind. Or to be more blunt: mankind is not capable of resolving the problems that arise as a result of his corrupt nature. Period. Furthermore, all the wishful thinking, hoping, dreaming, political activism and scheming isn’t going to change that. All the sacred crystals, geometry, chants and symbols with their profound meanings aren’t going to change that. All the stress, angst and worry about “saving the world” isn’t going to change that; it’s probably just going to give you high blood pressure!

The reality is that “Imagine” presents us with the blueprint for world Communism under the guise of world peace. The song attempts to suggest that eliminating all the things that are a source of fighting in the world will pave the way to some kind of utopia, otherwise declared to be a brotherhood of man. Don’t fool yourself (as the song would have you do), into thinking that this brotherhood will be some glorious eon of perfect justice. No such thing is on offer. What is on offer is a different kind of religion. This new kind of religion is to be kept alive by constant orations from new artists and seconded by political stooges and co-opted media. Perhaps for sake of argument we will just call this new religion Utopianism. Like all good religions this one too works hard to take it’s adherents into a firm belief system regardless the legitimacy.

But “Imagine” stated: “and no religion too” I hear you say! Sorry, perhaps John Lennon was too whacked out to notice what he was doing or suggesting, or too spiritually desperate for world peace and determined that mankind could make a breakthrough, or worse being completely and knowingly disingenuous but the sad truth is that the only way to make “Imagine” a reality is to inculcate the faith worldwide and that makes “Imagine” a new kind of religion being peddled to desperate young people (lost, lapsed out of traditional faiths, searching and most likely scared for the future), by a predatory world elite greedy for their own world power system; a cabal of Christ-hating thieves looking to devour the low-hanging fruit “Imagine” will deliver them in the form of gullible young socialist idealists who have taken it to their hearts that all we need to do is just believe on and implement “Imagine” and we will “save the world!”

“Imagine” makes spiritual slaves of all it’s adherents. “Imagine” really leaves us with only two realistic options. The first is to embrace the new world Communism/new religion of Babel as outlined in the song, the second is to realise that the only way universal peace, justice and harmony are ever going to come to pass is when Jesus Christ conquers all and establishes his 1,000 year rule here on earth. Sorry to burst your bubble but we aren’t going to do it under John Lennon’s direction with help from politicians – and no there is no going to Heaven (Disclaimer: If you haven’t actually read The Holy Bible no worry, you are always welcome to get your hands on one, or a free app of the KJV and communicate with us here through this blog or meet up with us in person to do some likely mind-blowing reading.)

Again, “Imagine” stated: “and no religion too” I hear you say! That’s true, but religion has nothing to do with Christ. There’s lots of religion made up in his name but those so-called Christians celebrate things that have nothing to do with Christ like Christmas which is really Saturnalia and Yuletide repackaged for geopolitical expediency by the Vatican in 440AD. Christ never told his disciples to establish such nonsense ceremonies. So, yes, you’ll have to get out of Christianity INCORPORATED to discover for yourself the truth of Christ, and then the good news of salvation so bastardised and warped by John Lennon in “Imagine” is possible, well sort of. I’m sure it will be infinitely better to spend 1,000 years with Jesus Christ but you get the idea. If salvation is really what you are after, you won’t find it in pinning your hopes on “Imagine.” You’ll find it in baptism in the name of Jesus Christ (BTW How many people are indeed suckered in by that song because they are in fact desperate for redemption and salvation but for whatever reason they don’t understand it comes through Christ?)

So, have you had enough of banging your head against the wall in a fit of frustration with all the corruption and ineptitude and the never-ending failure of mankind to achieve world peace, stability and unity; to make John Lennon’s “Imagine” a reality? Or are you still not giving up and doggedly certain “we” can fix it? More solar panels? Steady GDP? A one-world currency? A microchip implant with maximum RAM and memory?  More regulations so no one gets hurt? Save the turtles? Nude bike ride for awareness of mental illness? Hare Krishna? One more acid tab? New shoes? New boobs? Organ transplant? Viagra? Flat screens? A ripping guitar solo and a great night out? New Rolling Stones record? New tattoo? Prescription from the doctor? A colony on Mars? Vegan lifestyle choices? Mass immigration? Impeachment? The next election? Really? Drain the swamp? Can it ever be drained? Haven’t you seen enough by now to know mankind is not capable of resolving the problems that arise as a result of his own corrupt nature?

So now where does that leave you? Lost in the cosmic supermarket with Joe Strummer? Trying to buy salvation through materialism, fancy marketing or will it into existence with lifestyle choices? It doesn’t exist. There is only one path. Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. And if that doesn’t make any sense to you the “Somewhere” bus will be making the rounds tomorrow.

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